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  Hoping for a return to normal life, Paul Clouse hatches a plan to forever hide the cursed objects he possesses. When his plan backfires, and two of his closest allies are killed, he must regroup and discover the identity of the person or group threatening all of his friends and family. He enlists the help of a psychic and hires a morally upstanding federal agent to help him track down the evildoers responsible for murder.
  From the Bering Sea to the Kentucky Derby, Clouse and his group confront secretive enemies at every turn. Some thorough research leads him to the one cursed object that could forever change his present, his future, and even his past, but Clouse realizes the religious and moral dilemmas that stem from using such a weapon.
  He begins to unravel the mystery of the cursed objects, realizing the answers might have been under his nose all along. Uncertain of which allies he can still trust, Clouse inevitably confronts multiple dilemmas and enemies at his famed West Baden Springs Hotel, realizing the world as he knows it will end if he fails.