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  Following a disastrous attempt to sell the West Baden Springs Hotel, Paul Clouse and his family move into the historic building. Clouse hopes to regain trust from local residents, after several gruesome incidents, by creating jobs with his newly-constructed a casino near the famed hotel. His family is constantly surrounded by bodyguards as the hotel opens to the public for the first time since 1932.
  Clouse senses his family may still be in danger from unseen evil forces, receiving confirmation of his fears soon enough. Taunting notes are left for him, then the body count rises once more, leaving him the option to flee, or confront an evil power fueled by a satanic cursed object.
  He soon realizes he has little choice in the matter as his family and friends are endangered by what he believes are the remains of Martin Smith’s devoted Coven. If they haven’t found a way to bring Smith back from the dead, they soon will, and Clouse knows his nemesis would bring doom to anyone around the hotel.
  In a final showdown between good and evil, Clouse realizes he must stop the Coven to save his family, even if it costs him his own life.