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  A year has passed since a series of gruesome murders took place at the West Baden Springs Hotel, but the past refuses to rest.
Firefighter Paul Clouse continues to work on the hotel as a designer, though things have changed, and he struggles daily to forget the friends he's lost. The beautiful landmark is now completely renovated, and ready for a grand opening, which is doomed before it even begins.
Clouse himself becomes the first target of a new, more vicious killer, who brings a greater mystery with him. It soon becomes apparent the hotel harbors deep secrets that trace back to the mysterious Father Ernest and the Jesuits who once resided there.
With a new, dark group known only as the Coven threatening their lives, the remaining survivors from the previous year piece together a mystery that may very well have begun during the hotel's original construction.
One by one they fall, but with each drop of blood spilled on the hotel's grounds, it reveals another clue necessary to solve the killer's scheme.