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  Built in 1902, the West Baden Springs Hotel stands today in Southern Indiana's Orange County, saved by some conconcered preservationists and a little luck.
  Originally a resort where the rich and famous gathered, the domed hotel offered gambling and the healing powers of mineral water. Politicians, kingpins, sports figures, and the wealthy elite visited the Springs Valley to relax, heal, or gamble.
  Over the years the hotel served as a seminary, then later a college before courtroom battles allowed it to fall into disrepair. When one-sixth of a major outer wall collapsed in 1991, concerned individuals and a preservation group stepped in to save the building.
  Now, thanks to a major vote that allowed gambling back into the Valley, the hotel is open once more for all to enjoy with a casino just down the road.
  This book covers all of the ownership periods with written history and images. Many of the hundreds of images within the book are color, and some are one-of-a-kind prints taken from family photographs and postcards.