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  When Terry Levine is called to investigate a triple homicide five hours away from home, he knows the case won't be routine. A veteran investigator with the New York State Police, Levine quickly suspects he may be dealing with a blossoming serial killer. A task force comprised of state troopers, the FBI, and Erie County Sheriff's Department personnel follow what few leads come their way.
  With no answers forthcoming, Levine thinks outside the box to track the killer, whose murderous rampage draws the investigators into neighboring counties. A secret from the past holds the key to discovering the killer's identity, though finding him may prove far more difficult.
  The case takes a personal turn for the investigator when people he knows are targeted by the murderer. A cat and mouse game ensues when the police believe they discover the killer's motive, and his next victim, that sends them scurrying through Buffalo to catch him.
  Every clue leads to a dead end, leaving Levine and his team wondering if they can catch the mass murderer before he disappears for good.