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  Paul Clouse believes his worries may finally be over. Though the past two years of his life have been horrific, he hopes things are going to change.
  His first wife was murdered, his son abducted, and his best friend killed by unknown assailants, but each time he has managed to survive.
  This Halloween the rules have changed, and the killer seems to stay one step ahead of everyone.
  Clouse finds himself losing more friends to the killer's grasp, and wonders exactly how he can stop a madman who seems to know more about the West Baden Springs Hotel and his life than anyone else around him.
  As the body count grows, the legend of Father Ernest returns to haunt Clouse one last time.
  His only hope is to sort through the past of the hotel and the people around him to discover the killer's identity before it's too late.
  A mysterious set of diaries left by the hotel's former occupants quickly become his only hope to save himself and everyone left around him.