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  One year after his hometown of Muncie, Indiana is invaded by terrorists bent on revenge, Sergeant Tim Packard takes a personal day to chaperone his daughter at a theme park.
  When a park guest dies right before his eyes, everyone thinks a tragic accident has occurred, but Packard knows better.
  His presence is the catalyst of an evil plan.
  A terrorist known as Chung-Hee Kim orders Packard to call his officers to the park under the threat of hundreds more dying.
  He calls Clay Branson, knowing his best officer's special training may be the only hope for the thousands of unsuspecting guests inside the park.
  Monitored by the terrorists, and under orders to go where they are told, the officers find the task of locating their new enemies nearly impossible.
  Packard learns the terrorist cell may have employees working inside the park, meaning he cannot trust anyone except his own men. A mysterious FBI agent tracks Branson to the park, adding yet another complication to Packard's investigation.
  Unable to escape watchful eyes, Packard must trust his officers to help him discover the truth before thousands of innocent people die.