When the dead begin roaming the Earth, Dan Metzger heads to upstate New York to learn the fate of his parents. Encountering hazards from the undead and living alike, he travels alone until he is rescued by a small group. Knowing his brother is at sea with the Navy, returning to the East Coast, Metzger pushes to reunite what family he has left, bringing his new allies with him. Living day by day, knowing the apocalypse emerged from an intentional act of terror, he discovers a few answers along the way about the reanimation process.

  His group encounters numerous tricks and traps in their travels, finding trust difficult. Migrating from Buffalo to Virginia, Metzger realizes there is strength in numbers, but each member of his pack harbors a personal agenda. Arriving in Virginia is the one common goal they share, uncertain if everyone will make it, or how long they’ll stick together once they reach the safe haven of the Norfolk military base.

  Metzger remains focused on locating the last of his family, knowing he can’t settle anywhere permanently until he puts his mind at ease.  The dangers ahead, however, may keep him from realizing his goals.

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